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Tamborine Mountain (also known as Mt Tamborine)

and often referred to as ‘The Green Behind The Gold”

It’s hard to put in words the beauty and tranquility of the Tamborine Mountain Plateau. At every turn you will encounter breathtaking scenery and views and clean mountain air.

With its fertile red volcanic soil and high rainfall it’s natures perfect recipe for an abundantly thriving community of plants and animals.

If it’s nature you want to get back to, it doesn’t get much purer than this…

It also has a strong cottage industry including many local arts and crafts, award winning wineries and top class restaurants.

The temperature rarely goes above 30 deg C averaging some four or five degrees cooler than the surrounding lowlands in Summer, and in the winter there is only the occasional frost in protected valleys. The annual rainfall is about 1,550 mm falling mainly between December and March.

Tamborine Mountain is part of the famous Gold Coast Hinterland, south of Brisbane, in South East Queensland, Australia.  The plateau is about 560m high and measures 18 km long and 14 km wide.  It has 3 small villages (North Tamborine, Eagle Heights and Mount Tamborine) with a total population of just under 7000.

The plateau originated from the Mount Warning volcanic eruption 22 million years ago and is part of the Scenic Rim Regional Shire.  The plateau looks down on the surrounding lowlands, to the Gold Coast and Pacific Ocean to the east and all the way to the Great Dividing Range to the west.  The Gold Coast view is breathtaking by day, but by night the panorama of lights is even more stunning.

Tamborine Mountain was the home of the Wangerriburra aborigines tens of thousands of years before white settlement.  It was completely covered by subtropical rainforest, which was cleared at a rapid pace for agriculture and timber production after it was opened for selection in 1875.  Fortunately in 1908 efforts were made to protect the natural beauty of the mountain and the very first National Park was created in Queensland – Witches Falls National Park.  Over the years 12 separate sections with mainly remnant rainforest were added to the original National Park, almost encircling the plateau, and named Tamborine National Park’.  Most areas have well defined and easy to navigate bush walking tracks right through the rainforest.

Must See Nature Attractions of Tamborine Mountain: 

“Cedar Creek Falls”
A short stroll from the car park at the end of “Cedar Creek Road” provides access to Cedar Creek and some of its spectacular cascades, waterfalls and rock pools. You will pass a couple of rewarding lookouts, and descend down a short walk into the open canyon via a sealed pathway.

“Witches Falls”
Being located within Queensland’s first National Park, “Witches Falls” is one of the most popular waterfalls. Access is via the “Main Western Road” car parking area opposite “Hartley Road”. Being located on the “Witches Chase” hiking track, the falls are best admired from the viewing platform also offering great inland views.

“Curtis Falls”
Located in the heart of Tamborine Mountain, “Curtis Falls” is the only waterfall that can be viewed from the bottom of the falls. Being fed by “Cedar Creek”, a permanent creek, the falls run all year-round. The walking track ends at a viewing platform overlooking a large rock pool, with great views of the falls and the surrounding columnar basalt rock face.

Must See Attractions of the Gold Coast:

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